What is Coach?
Coach is an AI-led platform having a host of edutainment courses.

Who should go for Coach?
Children of age 5 to 15 who would want to learn academics beyond books, performing arts, introductory sports or even life skills need Coach to help them navigate through their exploratory early years.

Who is a Subscriber?
Parents or Guardians are called subscribers. Coach is an enabler in bringing the best of courses under one roof to make the decision making simpler. Subscriber is expected to have the app installed on their cellphones/tablets for frequent monitoring of course proceedings and active bank account/Debit Card/Credit Card to do necessary transactions)

How do I avail Coach classes?
Coach will stream on web platform that is mobile friendly. Coach is also available as an app on iOS & Android Play Store. If you are an existing Miko 2 (link to Miko 2 site) user, Coach services are available for you on XYZ section and your Miko 2 will add some gestures and movements to make your Coach experience a notch up

Am I getting any certificate?
Every Course leads to defined outcomes and milestones. While Coach helps children achieve certifications, the certifications are provided by international bodies and Coach does not have a role to play in conducting examinations and granting of these certifications.

Can I extend the duration of coach services ?
Yes, if you have opted for a quarterly subscription, your services will be auto extended every quarter. If you have opted for a monthly subscription, your services will be auto extended every month. Both of these auto-extensions can be stopped within 24 hours of an email or call. Your child can continue attending the course till the paid duration even if you have paused the subscription.

Is this a one to one coaching?
No. Your child will be part of a classroom of 20-30 children. We would ensure that every child gets attention in the course and that their doubts and questions are prioritized.

Can I stop a course and get a refund?
Coach has sample classes and select offline classes available for parents and guardians to evaluate before subscribing. Once Coach assigns a student to class, that seat is blocked and it won’t be possible to cancel the services. However, if cancellation is raised within 3 classes, Coach will share platform credits that a Subscriber can use to avail another course within 7 days of cancellation)

Can I swap/change courses?
We respect the ever-evolving minds of young ones and understand the plight of parents and guardians in training a scientist and an artist together! Swapping between courses facility is available for subscribers of Coach.

Can I watch all classes offline?
Most of them. All regular classes of Couch are uploaded to Coach app right after the class and you can review, revisit as you would want to take up some practice sessions of your little ones to your hands as well. However, Coach will bring some special classes in the form of LIVE Streaming and those won’t be available once streaming ends) Is my money safe with Coach during Pre-Booking? If you choose the cancel the pre-booking a deduction of 30% for handling charges is made and the rest is reversed back to your credit/debit card.

My payment failed but the amount was charged?
Please drop a mail to us at [email protected] with the transaction ID of the failed payment. We will reach out to you with the status of the payment. If the amount was not received by us, you can speak with the customer care associate of the bank your card is linked to. They should be able to reverse the amount or void the transaction. If the amount has been received by us, we will reverse it to the bank that the transaction was done from.
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