About Us

Coach is the prodigy of Miko, an advanced robotics company focused at solving grave consumer problems by creating emotionally intelligent solutions. Their products leverage proprietary and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, robotics and internet of things. Founded by 3 IIT Bombay post graduates in January 2015, Miko's products are now driven by experts in engineering, mathematics, design and education.

Their first product line, the Miko series of robots targets a unique unmet need of today's parents who seek a positive and trusted gateway of technology that caters to the learning and development needs of children. With an extremely positive response from the Indian market, Miko now aspires to bring their platform solutions to every household globally with a 2023 vision of reaching 20M homes across verticals like childcare, elderly care and many more.

Coach intends to create a wholesome learning experience for the wunderkinds of tomorrow through solutions deeply rooted in technology and AI. The experience is further intensified by industry experts mentoring children in fields for which they are best recognised and awarded.

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